Villa Fleur - Nosy Be - Ivana

Villa Fleur

370 sqm
Mahefa Reboza
500 000 Euros

F. is a very successful young manager living in Europe, who has a deep connection with Nosy Be as it is the land of his birth. With his wife A., they decided to build a second home in Nosy Be to be their own ultimate remote work destination. They are not first time investors and know their way around property development, but Madagascar has a very special place in their heart.

Site selection


We began with a thorough scan of potential dreamy lands and came up with 2 rounds of short lists. All the lands were arranged in a comparison table that listed price, location, pictures, surface and real estate agents. Their heart went on for a cozy very private land by the sea and entrusted us with the buying process with the notary.

Construction and budget management


We manage the budget in a holistic approach and list all of the third parties involved in the process : from administrative fees to landscaping. On a shared sheet, F. and A were able to see all of the different categories of budget lines distributed over a timeline so they were able to understand their project with a clear mind.

Interior design and procurement


The choices made in the interior design are the ones that can make a significant difference in budget management. With our interior designer and procurement manager, we helped them choose the level of standards that met the project’s ambition, without compromising quality.


The project is under construction, and planned to be delivered in July 2024.

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