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About us

We manage your dream real estate project,
in the most beautiful landscapes of Madagascar

We know how tricky things can seem when you have a beautiful project, but don’t know how or where to start. Well, Madagascar is a very unique country, and Ivana is your local expert.

From a curated selection of land, to remote construction management, we help you navigate the legal, designing, and engineering steps on your journey to a secured real estate investment. Your dedicated Project Manager will be your go-to-guide for your inspiring second home coming to life.

Projects we are proud of

Villa Tahio


Villa Hasoany


Villa Adana

How it works ?

We believe that secure processes lead to a safe investment. Here are the 6 steps that will get you seated in your new home.

01 Client brief and feasibility

We meet for a  20 min to an hour call, and review your project’s scope. Together we unfold the various stages and discuss the appropriate budget and timing to be expected

02 Budget and time management

We draft a forecast considering the main budget lines, payment dates and important deadlines

03 Site hunt and acquisition

We send you short lists of verified lands that meets your criterias and arrange the acquisition with a local notary

04 Architect match and designing

We select the right architect that matches the conceptual aesthetics of the project. We handle the client brief outlining all the important issues to consider in the creative process.

05 Construction and site supervision

We regularly communicate the construction advancements, with pictures and site reports. We collect your modifications, additional requests or questions you may raise, and implement them.

06 Keys delivery

We meet on site and draft together a list of reserves you may have before completion. We then agree on a timeline to raise them before we deliver the keys.

07 Join Ivana Club

Ivana Club is our community of owners. A dedicated property management team handles all aspects of short rental management, in partnership with players of the travel sector.

Common questions
01 Who is going to be my architect ?

We introduce you to an architect of our network, chosen regarding specific expertise related to the project,  artistic genre, personality, responsiveness, and reputation in the field.

02 How does the payment schedule and billing work ?

Once we agree on a global budget and timeline, after the client brief, the first AMO contract is based on a 2% of the overall budget deposit. That covers all the personalized support that leads to the construction contract.

The construction contract then outlines all installment payments based on the project’s needs. Payments are due solely to IVANA.

Every other billing of third parties that we select for the project are to be paid directly to them, and we guide you through “the-how-much-and-when” through the forecast. Each successful linking to one of our trusted and verified partners is based on a 5 to 15% commission.

You can also entrust us with the global envelope and we manage to have everyone paid.

03 What if I already own land and/or have architect plans ?

Amazing ! Let’s talk about it and begin

04 Can I buy if I am not Malagasy

Non-Malagasy individuals have the ability to act as owners through a 35 to 99 years long lease. The length of the lease is determined by the nature of the project.

The other possibility is to create a company that will be the owner of the land.

05 How long does a project take from idea to completion ?

Between 1 to 1,5 years, given that the construction in itself will take 6 to 10 months.

06 Can you handle a renovation project ?

We do not. However, exceptions can be made when the renovations are substantial enough for us to add value.

07 How can I know how much the budget of my dream home is? Can I get a quote ahead of time ?

We agree on a budget range on our first meeting, determined by the size and location of your project. We do not provide quotes ahead of time as the final costs are determined only after all the engineering studies, in the construction contract. However, you can find typical budget breakdown here